Raqs Sharqi Lubnani

Instructional DVD for Oriental Dance in Lebanese style bellydance

MEISSOUN has studied Lebanese dance style in Lebanon with various teachers. In this DVD she offers a varied programme of movements, steps, accents, shimmies, turns and other movements.


Besides the instructional part where all the movements are broken down and shown in detail, there is a training part of about 20 minutes in which all the combinations are danced without commentary. This will help you to drill the movements.


The video closes with a performance of MEISSOUN in costume.


The material has been filmed with 2 cameras and good lighting, sound was re-recorded for best quality.

The DVD contains the following languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swiss German, Esperanto.

Total running time: ca. 60 minutes


You will like this DVD, if...

... you are interested in learning Lebanese dance style - of course!
... you are already trained in Oriental dance and would like to broaden your repertoire.
... you are looking for new, interesting combinations to use in your own choreographies.
... you appreciate a systematic way of teaching.
... you like an instructional video in a language that is not widely available.

This DVD might not be for you if...

... you are a beginner and would like to learn the basic movements of Oriental dance.
... you want to learn a complete choreography from a video.
... you are exclusively interested in Egyptian/Turkish/Tribal style dance.

This video has been given a Giza Academy Award 2005!


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The music that is used in the DVD can for example be bought here: www.piranhashop.de

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