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MEISSOUN is an internationally known dancer and teacher for Oriental dance and Bollywood dance from Switzerland. Her experience spans over 25 years of performances, workshops and other events all over Europe and the American continent.

As a dancer MEISSOUN impresses with her gracefulness, expression and musicality - as a teacher with her clearly structured, well researched and good humoured classes.

MEISSOUN lives in Zurich but literally travels around half of the globe for dancing!

MEISSOUN is an Arabic name. It means "she with the grace and the walk of a gazelle"...!

She started her dance education in 1990 with Layali Römer, then continued with Karin Azaria Siegrist, Nelly Mazloum, Mo Gedawwi, Raqia Hassan, Lilo von Hugo, Tania Cook, Helena Cremona and many other well respected teachers.

MEISSOUN has also been studying Bharata Natyam (classical Indian dance) with Barbara Dejung as well as Indian folk dances like Bhangra and Dandiya. She is a dancer and teacher for Bollywood dance since 2000.

MEISSOUN started performing regularly in 1994 at various events - from small private parties to corporate events, from restaurants to theater stages.

When not dancing, she also enjoys writing about dance related subjects. Her articles have been published in various German dance magazines as well as in English language print and online publications. You can read some of them in the Dance Info section.

For her own pleasure MEISSOUN also loves to dance Tango Argentino and in the cold season she dabbles in ice dance. But basically she takes every opportunity to get up and dance!


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International experience

MEISSOUN teaches private lessons and workshops all over Switzerland. Besides this she gets regularly invited for performances and workshops in other countries. For example international festivals like:

Germany (Orienta, World of Orient, Bazar Oriental, Orient Magazin Festival, Orient-LE, OTF Stuttgart)
Great Britain(Fantasia Festival, Jewel of Yorkshire)
Austria (Österreichisches Bauchtanzfestival)
Norway (Magedansfestival)
Sweden (Layali Festival)
France (Festival des Orients, BellyFusions)
Canada (Ciçek Pasaj)
Richmond, USA (Rakkasah)
Honolulu, USA (Puja Festival)

Her workshop tour through California in March 2005 was so successful that MEISSOUN was invited back just a few months later and among others performed in the prestigious IAMED show in Hollywood.

MEISSOUN has a SVEB 1 certificate for teaching adults. She is fluent in German, English and French and can speak some Italian and Hindi.

Since 2005 MEISSOUN also produces instructional DVDs for Oriental dance and Bollywood dance.



MEISSOUN is a very versatile dancer. Here are some excamples from her repertoire, you can see more in the gallery.

All of these styles can be booked for shows and classes.

MEISSOUN is best known for Oriental dance, which she presents in several Styles.

She travelled to Beirut several times to learn Lebanese style from the source.


Besides this she also practices Oriental folk dances, like Egyptian cane dance, Raqs Na'ashat from the Gulf as well as Oriental fantasy dances with tambourine, basket and other props.

Through her love for Indian films MEISSOUN discovered Bollywood Dance.

She was the first Swiss to perform the style on local stages and has been teaching it since 2000.

Find more about it on the website Dance Like An Indian!

MEISSOUN is fascinated by the power, precision and expression of Bharata Natyam.

In Summer 2007 she had her Salangai Puja which means that she can present a respectable repertoire of dance numbers.

The combination of all these styles can create new dances - Oriental fusions. For example Tango Oriental, Indo-Arabic dance, etc.